For Tech Morsels' social media platforms, what are our objectives?

Social media engagement frequently starts with broad comments like "Let's create a blog," or even "Let's join Twitter and Facebook."

Those aren't Tech Morsels' ambitions; they're answers. We can't expect to have a good social media presence if we don't know what we're trying to achieve.

So our social media presence focuses on you, the visitor, your interaction, and enhancing your experience while promoting Tech Morsels as a thought leader.

Visitor engagement necessitates your active participation in listening to and reacting to what we and other members of our community are saying about our brand on social media. We aren't putting out a slew of traditional marketing stuff in an effort to get our name out there.

In order to enhance the visitor's experience, assistance must be provided. That's what we're good at. Try us out. We keep a close eye on our social media comments and can reply promptly if a visitor has a support question or has a technical issue. This shows that we care about the visitors' experience while keeping a high level of quality and value in our response time.

When it comes to user-end technology, Tech Morsels is acknowledged as an expert that visitors and potential customers won't be able to find anywhere else because of our thought leadership position.

In order to raise awareness of our brand, we need to be as relevant to our target audience as possible, attract the "correct" attention depending on our target demographic, and have a presence on several social media platforms.

The SMART framework should guide us in whatever goals we choose to pursue. With SMART, it's possible to define goals that are clear, specific, measurable, attainable within a reasonable timeframe, and time-bound.

It's important to keep in mind that our goals are not based on the amount of followers, "likes," or "following." Strong engagement metrics like "time on site," "page views," and "click-throughs" tell us a lot about how engaged our visitors and prospects are. We're patient and have a well-thought-out strategy in place, and we'll gradually build a large social media following.

A project that you may be proud of participating in and/or contributing to.

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