Network X Connect

    Contacting our sources directly, hiring brand ambassadors, preparing varied sharing, building relationships with our promoters, seeking out niche networks, putting sharing opportunities in our content, using text calls to action, creating influencer roundups, contacting potential sources, setting up Google alerts, reformatting existing content, creating content roundups, and joining forums are some of our promotional methods for Network X Connect website network.

    network X Connect

    MyNew Technologies

    There are information systems all around us, ranging from computer hardware/software, communications, databases, and relevant human resources to global corporate business processes. MyNew Technologies will take you through the process of utilizing systems processes efficiently.

    Sober Group

    The mission of Sober Group is to promote and improve the quality of life for individuals who require, are enrolled in, or have completed addiction treatment programs. Even the smallest of efforts may make a significant influence. Today, make a difference in the life of someone you know.  Please join us in our efforts to make a difference in people's lives around the country.