With enhancements to Photos, Mail, and more, Apple’s iCloud.com has become more customizable.

Apple’s iCloud.com is becoming an increasingly desirable service.

Apple’s iCloud.com website

Apple appears highly committed to transforming iCloud.com into a daily-use service.

The company redesigned iCloud.com, essentially a repository for everything you store in iCloud, to be more customizable and user-friendly last year.

You can now create a slideshow of photos directly on iCloud.com. 

Now, the business has gone a step further. All of the essential applications on iCloud.com have been upgraded with new features. For instance, the photographs app can now display Memories, curated collections of your photographs, and full-screen slideshows of your selected photos. Notes now allow you to link to other notes and share folders; app search has also been enhanced.


Apple’s iCloud.com messaging service


In general, all app widgets on iCloud.com are now more functional, allowing you to delete an email, download a document, or glimpse a photo in Drive directly from the homepage.

Users who use iCloud.com on a desktop computer more frequently may find the browser notifications feature beneficial. If you permit it, iCloud will notify your browser of new emails and calendar events.

Recently, Apple also introduced new, more generous iCloud+ plans: 6TB for $29.99 per month and 12TB for $59.99 per month.

Primarily because it’s easier to use certain apps (Find My comes to mind) and conduct specific actions (such as changing your iCloud plan) directly on Apple devices, I anticipate relying primarily on iCloud.com. With these modifications, however, iCloud.com has become a valuable tool for managing iCloud data.